Car Seats

2002 Infant Car Seat Recall

Potential Problem:

A number of SnugRide Infant Car Seats may have missing components on the base or seat. The components are metal hooks and ā€œUā€ bars that are used to attach the carrier to the base. If the hardware is missing, the carrier may not be securely attached to the base. In the event of a sudden stop or crash, the carrier may detach from the base possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

Injuries Reported: 0

Number of Units Affected: 918,130

Dates Produced: 08/31/1999-02/28/2002


Models Affected: 841101, 841102, 841103, 841203, 7493G9, 7493RS, 7497HL, 7497SY, 7499LK, 7499N2, 8412T02, 8457D5, 8457DVB, 8457F3, 8457GP, 8457IND, 8457MA, 8457MV, 8457RG, 8457TMJ, 8457TMP, 8457YL, 8458A5, 8458AE, 8458B7, 8458D8, 8458FKB, 8458HE, 8458HH, 8458KY, 8458N5, 8459VL, 8460LV, 8462HAV, 8462JAM, 8471UVB, 8472BLW, 8472BRN, 8472CYP, 8472GMP, 8472MAD, 8472YL, 8474HAB, 8474MEL, 8476VIN, 8477HAV, 8477JAM, 8477NGS, 8478SAR, A7493G9, A7493RS, A7497HL, A7497SY, A7499LK, A7499N2, A841101, A841102, A841103, A841203, A8412T02, A8457D5, A8457DVB, A8457F3, A8457GP, A8457IND, A8457MA, A8457MV, A8457RG, A8457TMJ, A8457TMP, A8457YL, A8458A5, A8458AE, A8458B7, A8458D8, A8458FKB, A8458HE, A8458HH, A8458KY, A8458N5, A8459VL, A8460LV, A8462HAV, A8462JAM, A8471UVB, A8472BLW, A8472BRN, A8472CYP, A8472GMP, A8472MAD, A8472YL, A8474HAB, A8474MEL, A8476VIN, A8477HAV, A8477JAM, A8477NGS, A8478SAR


Consumers with Graco infant car seats manufactured in the USA between August 31, 1999 and February 28, 2002 should download the instruction sheet or contact Graco at 1-800-345-4109 to determine if their unit is affected.

Please continue to use your car seat, without the base.